do you outthink, outwork
and outperform?

why work at hirons?

Hirons is committed to a network of diverse employees who are collaborative, innovative and passionate. Our dynamic team of experienced professionals are the real drivers behind our continued growth and success. We show up ready to make things happen and achieve the impossible for our clients.

Hirons operates an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and is owned by its employees.

It means Hirons’ employee owners stand to gain on multiple fronts from their hard work. It means that clients see a level of commitment from their agency contacts that is unparalleled at other firms. It means that when the agency is performing, owners have a personal stake in Hirons’ success.

When Hirons interviews potential new hires for a job or hosts guests at the office, they’re not just meeting with employees – they are talking to owners.

A place where you can connect with common interest, creating synergy and impacting the community.

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    Team Hirons
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    Green Team
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    Diversity Team
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    Tech Team
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    Team Live Right

We love working at Hirons, and we love that Hirons encourages internal self-improvement.

In that spirit, employees formed affinity groups to provide a niche passion group that suits each individual employee.

Our teams meet monthly to brainstorm, discuss and put into action ways we can keep evolving the Hirons brand, diminish our carbon footprint, culturally diversify, improve our tech practices and live our best lives at work and out. We don’t just talk — we make change happen, and we are pretty proud of continually working to better the company we love so much.

who are we looking for?
someone who does not settle for the first idea
but works for the best idea. join us.

All open job postings

General Application

Didn’t find a job position you were looking for? Reach out anyway. Just because a position isn’t listed doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for you!  The quality of work we...

Media Planner/Buyer

Seeks media planner/buyer for advertising accounts. This position may be full-time or less than full-time and requires a minimum of 2-4 years of experience in traditional media...

Paid Digital Specialist

The Paid Digital Specialist is responsible for digital media planning, strategy and management. Paid Digital Specialists are exposed to the research, planning, management and...

Amos Brown Internship

The Amos Brown Internship, offered every summer, encourages minority students to seek careers in communications and supports minority recruitment efforts, both for Hirons and for...

Business Development Intern

Fancy yourself a wheeler and dealer? Think you can help conjure up some new business? Come on over, and let’s see if you have what it takes to propose, present and seal the...

Communications Management Intern

Do you believe advertising makes cars run faster and chips taste better? Do you love words, slogans and taglines? Are you able to keep up in a fast-paced environment and still keep...

Creative Intern

Are you passionate about conceptual graphic design? Do you have extreme attention to detail? Are you a total team player? If so, apply for our creative internship! Spring and fall...

Digital Intern

Want to be at the forefront of marketing in the 21st century? Are you interested in pursuing a career in digital media and work on the development and design projects for clients?...

Media Planner / Buyer Intern

Are you a college student studying media by day and researching innovative placement by night? Help tell a brand’s story with TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital...

Tom Hirons IU Media School Internship

Established by Indiana University Bloomington Media School, this endowed internship was created to honor Hirons’ founder and chairman, Tom Hirons. Upon earning a bachelor’s...


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Not to brag, but our office is just as cool as the work we create.  From the art on walls to the reburnished fixtures, every detail is intentional and designed to inspire.  Plus, we work long hours for our clients, so it doesn’t hurt to be somewhere visually appealing sunup to sundown.

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