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Public Relations Services

Helping you find your place in the conversation.

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With a team made up of public relations and media industry veterans, we know how to earn the trust of the most powerful gatekeepers.

In today’s media environment, organizations need the tools and expertise to manage round-the-clock news cycles. As one of the top public relations agencies in the Midwest — with a presence in Indianapolis and Chicago — Hirons goes a step further than other PR consultants.

We do this by creating highly personalized public relations strategies that are custom-built from the ground up to achieve our clients’ goals. We develop comprehensive public relations plans designed to build reputations, shift public opinion, celebrate grand openings, launch new products and make headline news. Whether this is through newsjacking or analyzing public sentiment, we write compelling narratives that will resonate with your audience.

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Media Relations

Building and managing relationships with the media is crucial to long-term success. We develop media relations strategies that complement your brand’s strengths and position you in front of the right audiences. Our team knows what makes a good story and which reporters or publications to target.

A well-crafted news story can create conversation and deliver powerful impact. By researching media markets and keeping a close eye on the ever-changing news cycle, Hirons secures relevant, attention-grabbing coverage for our clients. We pinpoint the perfect time, person and platform to maximize results.

Community Outreach and Engagement

We build meaningful relationships with community stakeholders through simple means: listening. We listen to the community’s concerns, goals and interests. Through our disciplined approach, we demonstrate our clients’ desire to contribute to their communities, laying the groundwork for long-term relationships and establishing an open dialogue.

Your most important stakeholders are often the people and organizations who surround you. No stakeholder — internal or external — wants to hear about a major initiative or update secondhand. We make sure information is disseminated to all relevant parties in an efficient and effective manner. Hirons’ proven and methodical process consistently cultivates positive relationships with a coalition of individuals who represent your community.

Public Affairs

Whether you’re trying to connect with elected officials or community leaders, we’ll help you engage with the people who can make a difference. From building and maintaining strong relationships with elected officials to launching major public outreach campaigns, we know the right approach to garner support for your objectives.

We have extensive experience with grassroots and grasstops outreach, issues advocacy, government relations, voter outreach, and more.

Thought Leadership

We develop strategies that allow a brand to establish itself as a leader within its industry through speaking engagements, public meetings, community outreach and more.

By building and improving relationships with other leaders in its industry, an organization can identify new opportunities and increase brand visibility on a national scale. Professional associations are excellent forums for an organization or business to engage with other members of its industry.

Hirons can help you build both short- and long-term strategies to capitalize on these partnerships. We guide each of our clients in building a presence within their industry through sponsorships, conference participation, social media outreach, community relations, public speaking opportunities and more.

Executive Positioning

Executives serve as the public faces of their companies. We help organizations elevate their causes by showcasing and leveraging their executives’ natural strengths — leadership, expertise and vision. Through our executive positioning services, we help key leaders position themselves as industry thought leaders.

Before stepping into the spotlight, we hone the ideas and topics that matter most to your audience. Our thought leadership campaigns will inspire others to learn about the work you do and give credibility to your brand and mission. We work directly with executives to make sure we’re developing a brand that plays to their passions — whether it be creativity, innovation, strategic vision or something else.


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