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Sweet Home Chicago, Hirons’ Newest Location

To say I’m a sports fan is an understatement.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Hirons team. I was born and raised in Chicago and launched my career in public relations working for the Chicago White Sox, the Cubs and Coach Mike Ditka. (To say I’m a sports fan is an understatement.) Through my work with Chicago’s teams, I met my longtime business partner Chet Coppock and we formed Coppock-Meyers Public Relations.

Chet had started his career at WISH-TV in Indianapolis before he returned to Chicago. Coppock-Meyers Public Relations worked in and around Chicago sports until I relocated to Indianapolis with my then-fiancé, and now husband of almost 24 years. Even then, Chet and I continued to manage clients in Chicago and Indianapolis, given that we both were familiar with the two markets. Our longtime clients included Angie’s List, the Indianapolis Housing Agency and many more in both locales. Through this, I learned how facile and synergistic it was to work in both markets. The commute was easy and the sensibilities between the two cities were much the same.

During my time in Indianapolis, I also had the pleasure of working with Jim Parham, who had not yet made the transition to Hirons and was serving as the director of Indy Parks and Recreation. We worked on planning, implementing and promoting the first (of what would be many) dog parks in the city. Although my family and I moved back to Chicago in 2006, I maintained wonderful relationships, both with friends and clients, in Indy.

Over the years, I consulted with Jim many times, with one of us often seeking suggestions on dealing with client issues or the two of us working in tandem on one account or another. Through Jim, I began to meet with other members of the Hirons team, including Deana Haworth, Chad Mertz and Clare Leonard. Last fall, opportunities in the Chicago market made it an ideal time for Hirons to begin establishing its presence there. Given the Coppock-Meyers connections in the Windy City, we began working toward this strategic partnership throughout the past winter.

Tragically, Chet passed away in an untimely automobile accident in April, just as we were getting ready to launch Hirons Chicago. As he always remembered his days in Indy as a wonderful part of his career, I’d like to think he would be every bit as thrilled as I am to see this effort come to fruition. Just last year, we had discussed his upcoming 40-year anniversary at WISH-TV.

Although I am saddened that Chet was not here to see the final launch, I am excited to see Hirons make its bold mark in Chicago.

The time is right to play ball!

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