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Hirons utilizes a proprietary model for strategic planning that creates relevant results, memorable impact and delivers consistent client success. Our strategy is always purposeful and is a direct reflection of a client’s ambitions, barriers and challenges. It provides a transcendent framework that ties tactics and practices together into a cohesive plan.

Similarly, research serves as the bedrock of everything we do. Reliable data underpins all our strategies and recommendations. Whether it’s original research through focus groups, stakeholder interviews and quantitative surveys, or first-party data mining through sales reports, performance metrics and brand perceptual maps, we draw upon an array of resources and perspectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to transform mere information into powerful insights and compelling inspiration.

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Our strategic planning process is a collaborative and customized series of processes. Ultimately, the process ensures we deploy appropriate marketing triggers, which in turn motivate audiences and meaningfully connect with stakeholders to maximize results.

Central to Hirons’ strategic thinking is an intimate analysis of the audience’s decision-making journey, consumer experience and current perceptions. Understanding the emotional ebb and flow, the inflection points of intellectual consideration, the identification of potential choke points and the alignment of corresponding communication platforms is essential to allocating resources across the entire journey. Proper allocation guides messaging and development of all applicable performance metrics.

When you engage Hirons, you gain access to a team of strategists who serve as an extension of your own. We bring proven best practices interwoven with fresh innovative ideas and the capability to pivot as the landscape shifts. Hirons comes prepared to outthink, outwork and outperform all expectations.


The interpretation of research data is both an art and a science. Building innovative solutions begins with reliable information that is crafted with data-fueled storytelling. Hirons’ skilled analysts are both number crunchers and idea generators. Connecting trends, aligning data points, clearing barriers and unlocking opportunities, our team members build off one another’s strengths to uncover the real picture.

Unique opportunities often come from the competitive marketplace. Hirons routinely commissions competitive research analysts to help us most effectively evaluate a wide variety of dynamics such as market-share, industry gap analysis, CDI/BDI, perceptual shifts, brand positioning, product launches and new competitive intrusion. Our partnership with other experts in the field allow us to take a step back and measure the market’s pulse. From there we identify opportunities to take the next step, wielding new insights to help our clients grow and exceed expectations. We also always advocate for conducting pre- and post-campaign research. This allows for not only accountability but also a quantifiable measurement of our clients’ success. It also allows us to set our sights on the next opportunity.


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