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Crisis Communications Services

Circumstances don’t define you.Your reaction does.

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We know how quickly situations can unravel. In today’s hyperconnected society, a misstep can rapidly snowball into a disaster. Our award-winning crisis communications team helps organizations of all sizes and industries maintain and restore reputations.

You can rely on our unwavering support, whether you’re looking to stay ahead of potential issues or effectively navigate through a crisis. We move fast, yet thoughtfully, to establish a comprehensive key messaging strategy to cover a wide variety of potential scenarios. Hirons will work closely with your team and provide you with a proactive crisis communications plan and in-depth media training, so you can recover quickly and emerge stronger.  

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Reputation Management

We’ve excelled in reputation management services for more than 45 years. With decades of experience dealing with complex large-scale crises, our team is adept at handling highly confidential and sensitive information. We spring into action the second a potential situation is identified, helping to develop key messaging and response strategies, monitoring media and social coverage, and managing relationships with members of the media.

We develop high-level response plans, providing an intentional content strategy along with process and communications protocols for negative reactions. We can also activate our digital expertise – including organic search and SEO – to monitor your online presence and ensure you’ll be associated with only your positive contributions. With our guidance, you can protect your reputation and mitigate the impact of negative information.

Reactive Media Relations and Strategic Communications

When you’re faced with a crisis, you have a lot to lose – money, employees, credibility. But if you stay calm and handle each issue efficiently and with dignity, you have a greater chance to prevent long-term damage.

Employees, stakeholders and the media will have questions. But while you’re still trying to handle the problem, speaking up about it may be the last thing on your mind.

With years of experience leading clients through difficult times, Hirons can prepare you to respond to crisis-related media inquiries with grace and confidence. Our experienced professionals explore the ins and outs of your situation to find the right messaging, guided by advice from our partners in law and public safety, so you have the last word on the story.

Proactive Crisis Planning

Some crises are foreseeable. Hirons will help your organization prepare for these situations, from a financial mishap to an ethical breach — and everything in between. Our experts have spent years helping organizations navigate high-pressure situations, and we can prepare you for any kind of catastrophic scenario. Through hands-on training, we’ll assemble a crisis plan, designate a spokesperson and equip your organization to face media and withstand scrutiny.

Issues Management

Conflict is inevitable, regardless of the size of your organization. It happens in organizations of any size. But small issues left unchecked can escalate into crises that threaten your operational viability. These issues need to be addressed quickly and tactfully.

Our issues management team helps you get a handle on your situation before it takes a critical turn. Working alongside you, we examine your organization and identify challenges that could lead to dangerous consequences in the future. We’ll help you create a smooth flow of communications with internal and external relationships, so you can seamlessly discuss interpersonal issues and reach meaningful resolutions.

Please fill out the form and someone will be in touch soon. For urgent requests, call or text us at 317.941.6335.