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Paid Media Services

Data-Driven Media Planning & Buying

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Each passing day, the opportunities for brands to connect with consumers continue to expand. Finding the right partner who understands emerging trends and invests in technology to execute targeted, multichannel media placements is becoming more and more critical.

Our in-house media team works to identify and design custom media strategies rooted in research to amplify messaging to high-value audiences, maximizing campaign performance and end results.  With experts in both traditional and digital media channels, recommended strategies are not straight off the shelf but rather unique to each client. Our channel-agnostic, data-focused approach results in channel mixes designed to best reach the target audience where they consume information. This can include any combination of video (broadcast and streaming/OTT), audio (terrestrial and streaming), print (newspaper, magazine and direct mail), out-of-home (outdoor and place-based), digital (display, social and search) and sponsorships.

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Video, blending audio and imagery, creates a rich, multi-sensory connection for brands unmatched by other channels. It excels in storytelling, conveying a brand’s promise effectively. Broadcast TV, a potent means for widespread outreach, is monitored by Hirons for strategic ad placement during live-viewed programs like news, sports, and events.

As traditional cable declines, the surge in streaming services expands advertiser opportunities (CTV, OTT, YouTube). Hirons adapts, helping clients craft a dynamic video mix tailored to reach target audiences across broadcast and streaming platforms.


The audio landscape continues to evolve with new opportunities to reach audiences becoming available each day. It remains one of the most effective channels for building message frequency through multiple touch points whether the audience is listening in their car, their office, their home or a retail establishment.  

The audio evolution has resulted in fragmented listenership, and uncovering where target audiences are consuming content is the first step in a successful plan. Hirons taps into research to identify how and where audiences are listening and works to build and execute a cohesive and comprehensive audio plan to drive awareness through frequency of messaging.

The Hirons media team are experts in placement of terrestrial radio as well as digital opportunities (Pandora, Spotify, podcasts, etc.) leading to overall campaign success.


Print ads deliver an experience that can’t be replicated by other advertisements. In an era driven by mobile devices, the value of an effective print ad can’t be overlooked. Print remains an exceptional tool for reaching consumers in very specific geographies, demographics and language preferences for a one-to-one consumer approach.

As one of the most iconic ad formats, print advertising delivers an experience that can leave a lasting impression with audiences. Whether you’re looking to connect via print publications or deliver targeted messaging through direct-mail marketing campaigns, our media team can help research and recommend the best placement for campaign success.


Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is among the most enduring advertising tactics — and for good reason. For brands that want to reach on-the-go consumers, targeted out-of-home placements can dramatically increase brand visibility.

Our media buying team has the experience, expertise and tools to research consumer travel patterns, identify out-of-home opportunities and contract high-value placements for clients. These include but aren’t limited to billboards, digital signage, transit, gas stations, pharmacies, laundromats, mobile billboards and other place-based opportunities.


The digital universe continues to grow, and this expansion has opened the door for advertisers to place messaging in front of target audiences at various touch points during their day.  Whether you’re aiming to generate brand awareness, engagement, leads, sales conversions or something else, digital media minimizes waste while maximizing audience reach with granular precision.

Choosing the right channels, targeting and placement are critical to a successful campaign, and that’s where our media team comes in. We’ll listen to your needs, conduct the research and create a cohesive digital campaign designed to achieve campaign goals and objectives.

Whether it’s digital display (programmatic, contextual, geofence and native), paid social (Meta, LinkedIn and TikTok) or paid search, Hirons has the expertise and technology to implement and optimize digital campaigns for client success.


Sponsorship marketing allows brands to leverage the credibility of strategic partners to unlock opportunities to connect with niche audiences in a new way. By partnering with relevant organizations, sponsorships can help shape positive attitudes and improve how brands are perceived by potential consumers.

Hirons carefully weighs the benefits of each sponsorship opportunity on both the potential impact and relative cost to help identify those that boost brand authenticity and reach relevant audiences. Whether it’s an industry-specific event or a community event open to the public, we choose events that suit your organization’s values and goals.


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