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Reflecting on 40 years of Bold ideas

In 1978, “Grease” was the top-grossing film, the Bee Gees led the Billboard charts, gas was 65 cents a gallon, the Camp David Accords were signed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and Hirons & Company was formed.

What’s changed?

  1. Technology has changed. We started with an IBM Selectric II typewriter with a self-correcting ribbon, a light table, a waxer, sheets of Letraset and markers by the case for color renderings. Today, over 60 percent of our revenue is from digital communications, Hirons is one of only two Premier Google Partners in Indiana, and we invest over $100,000 annually in computers and network infrastructure.
  2. Geography has changed. We started in Bloomington, then opened offices in Shanghai and Beijing and now have our headquarters in Indianapolis.
  3. People changed. Amazing people have worked at Hirons. Some lent their talents for just a few years, and others worked for decades. At 10-year anniversaries, each received the coveted toaster oven.
  4. Ownership has changed. What started as a partnership of two now is an employee-owned company (ESOP) of many.
  5. Clients have changed. We have been blessed with great clients through the years. Assignments grew in challenge, complexity and size. Projects were completed. Valued relationships and friendships continue. Referrals remain our lifeblood.

What hasn’t changed?

Our passion, values, commitment. To each other. To our clients. To our community and beyond.

What’s next?

Our first 40 years was unimaginable. Imagine our future with us. And Be Bold.

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