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Making Your Marketing Dollars Work Harder

The benefits of working with a full-service advertising agency

Organizations without an in-house marketing team face numerous challenges regarding how to strategize, develop and work annual marketing plans. You may ask yourself, “What necessary services do I seek outside support for, and then how do I determine which creative partner handles which aspect of my plan development?” You can select the strongest vendor for each particular need and then hope that you can successfully manage multiple third-party partnerships. However, partnering with a full-service agency can assure you meet all of the necessary requirements – and leverage your unique brand attributes – to make your marketing plan a success. There are a few crucial reasons why partnering with a full-service agency makes the most sense.


A full-service agency can contribute to your department’s overall efficiency in a number of ways:

Streamlined communications

Having one primary account service point of contact with your selected agency assures that all aspects of your marketing program get the attention they deserve. Your account executive can pull in all of the agency’s service lines – creative, media, PR, digital, accounting – as needed to keep your campaigns moving forward.


A full-service firm allows your marketing dollars to go further. Instead of segmenting your spend out to several vendor partners, you can often negotiate one monthly fee or retainer that can cover the strategy, planning and service of the account. A full-service firm develop strategic plans for you that incorporate creative development, paid and earned media planning, and campaign optimization based on your organization’s specific needs. We can work with you to develop an arrangement that maximizes the efficiency of your budget.

Expertise – all under one roof

All departments of a full-service agency work together to add a level of expertise that is vital to effective communications. The skill set of the professionals working together at an agency is heightened by the team’s experience of working with each other to develop campaigns for other clients. They know each other and can inspire the best work amongst the team members.

Brand consistency

Perhaps the most important benefit of working with a full-service firm is the ability to maintain a consistent brand voice from project to project. The danger of working with multiple vendor partners is the likelihood that the brand gets translated incorrectly from vendor to vendor. Even buttoned-up brand standards may be interpreted and executed differently, requiring the marketing manager to be the brand police and resulting in the allocation of valuable hours in your already full day.

A full-service agency can be the ultimate steward of your brand, ensuring that a consistent voice, tone and look is maintained, whether it be the smallest of collateral projects or a major awareness-raising initiative.

As a marketing professional, you have many decisions to make to be certain you are contributing to the growth of your company. Your budget and your time – your most valuable resources – are limited and often pulled in many different directions. By focusing your marketing development efforts on a partnership with a full-service agency, you are giving your annual goals a fighting chance at success.

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