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It’s good to be green

In 2018, we often hear buzzwords like “green” and “sustainability.” Companies are creating sustainability initiatives, but what exactly do these initiatives accomplish?

As Hirons approaches its 40th anniversary, we are dedicated to being an agency with clear sustainability goals that positively impact our environment. Here are some of our initiatives and how they keep our workplace as green as possible:

  1. Recycling & Disposal: At Hirons, we recycle whatever, wherever and whenever we can. That includes collecting pop tabs, drop-offs to the Disposal Alternatives Organization through Indy’s ToxDrop program and a recycling bin beside every trash can in the office. Recycling saves expenses and resources, and it minimizes pollution. Even the little things, like pop tabs, can make a difference.
  2. Bike to Work Day (Alternate Transportation Day): According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 28 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the transportation sector. Biking, walking or carpooling to work can reduce that percentage. That’s why we encourage those who live close enough to swap those car keys for a bike lock at least once a year on Bike to Work Day (Alternate Transportation Day). We have regular carpoolers too.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Every light bulb at Hirons is an LED light bulb, and a majority of our rooms have motion sensor lights that conserve energy when no one is in the room. In addition, we make sure to turn off all lights and electronics once the work day is over. Each of these efforts helps conserve energy in the workplace, which is healthy for the environment and our business.
  4. Green it Forward: Green it Forward is probably our most fun (and competitive) initiative. Each month, whoever is deemed “the greenest” is awarded a traveling trophy (in the form of a plant). Last month’s Green it Forward winner decides who will be the next. This encourages some playful competition while encouraging sustainability. It’s a win-win … unless of course you don’t win.

Like our sustainability initiatives? Steal them! And don’t stop there; create your own and share them too. Sustainability is a worldwide effort, and we need all the help we can get.

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