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Hirons launches Rural Reach program

Hirons, an Indianapolis advertising and public relations firm, announced today the launch of Rural Reach, a proprietary program that will help companies, organizations and government agencies effectively communicate to rural audiences – specifically the rural poor.


The announcement was made in conjunction with “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance’s speech at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce annual awards dinner.

“Hirons has worked with both rural and poverty issues for more than 40 years,” said Chief Operating Officer Deana Haworth. “Rural Reach offers a solution for companies, organizations and government agencies who have struggled to reach the rural poor – a segment of America that has traditionally been very difficult to engage through conventional advertising and public relations efforts. The program includes a unique matrix of strategies and tactics customized by the community to really break through to these populations.”

Born and raised in southern Indiana, Haworth grew up in a deeply rural community. During her 18 years at Hirons, she has seen the challenges faced by organizations attempting to reach rural communities with outreach and education campaigns designed to impact behaviors. Haworth saw a need to bring together both Hirons’ industry expertise and her rural experiences in the formation of Rural Reach.

Hirons has made available a series of white papers, blog posts and a podcast to help educate executives, leaders, and officials on the unique characteristics of rural America.

“We’re excited to help others create meaningful connections with rural and less affluent audiences,” Haworth said.

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