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Hirons Launches Founder’s Day Tradition

Event celebrates founder Tom Hirons and outstanding year since 40th anniversary


Hirons, an award-winning advertising, public relations and digital communications agency, celebrated 41 years in business yesterday with its inaugural Founder’s Day event. The company’s founder, Tom Hirons, opened the agency’s doors in 1978, and Hirons has since morphed into a leader in advertising, public relations and digital strategy, providing counsel to a wide variety of clients.

Current Tom Hirons IU Media School Intern Megan Everett, IU Media School Director of Development and Alumni Relations Emily Harrison, our founder Tom Hirons, and our CEO Jim Parham.

During the event, the Hirons team presented the second payment for the Tom Hirons Scholarship to the Indiana University Media School. The scholarship will support undergraduate and graduate Media School students interested in careers in branding and/or advertising. Last year, the Media School established the Tom Hirons Internship Program, which provides internships to undergraduate and graduate students interested in advertising, marketing or public relations.

The Founder’s Day celebration concluded with a few words of encouragement from Hirons CEO Jim Parham, who reflected on Hirons’ 41 years of outstanding work.

“With our current talent level, along with our rich 41-year history, we are prepared for even greater success and growth moving forward,” he said. “The demand for full-service communications and marketing capabilities is growing each day, and I’m honored we can successfully and strategically fill that need for our clients.”

The Founder’s Day event was organized by three interns: Amos Brown Intern Talena Moorman, Tom Hirons IU Media School Intern Megan Everett and Communications Management Intern Kynedi Grier. As Founder’s Day becomes an annual event for the company, the Amos Brown intern and Tom Hirons IU Media School intern will be in charge of planning and organizing the event, which will provide them an opportunity to learn more about Hirons’ rich history.

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