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When COVID-19 hit the U.S., James Allen Insurance developed a comprehensive pandemic insurance policy for business enterprises who wanted to protect themselves in the event of an outbreak. The policy covered not only added out-of-pocket expenses associated with an outbreak but also the associated loss of business revenue. In addition, the policy could be customized to each business’s specific risk and needs. JAI engaged Hirons to raise awareness of the policy’s availability and generate policy sales.


Hirons quickly got to work, conducting research to determine the campaign’s target audience. From there we developed digital assets, creative collateral, media buying strategies and media relations strategies to reach our goal.

A four-week digital campaign was launched to increase awareness of the pandemic policy and how it offered protection for businesses faced with threats from the coronavirus. The campaign ran from mid-March through mid-April.

The media buy included print ads, e-newsletter ads and display ads on In addition, James Allen Insurance served as the exclusive sponsor of the Indianapolis Business Journal’s new Beyond COVID podcast in March and April.


While this campaign is ongoing, JAI has already seen success. The short digital campaign generated 9,439 sessions on the website and 21 conversions overall. For the IBJ campaign, the Beyond COVID e-newsletters saw an open rate of 0.18%, the landing page saw a click-through rate of 0.11%, the podcast itself was downloaded 3,011 times and the display ads saw a 0.23% click-through rate.


Print advertisements communicating JAI’s new policy were placed in publications frequently read by business leaders.

James Allen Insurance Print


Collateral assets were developed to allow JAI to share promotional materials with potential partners.

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Hirons created and placed digital advertisements targeting business leaders, with clear calls to action and eye-catching, on-brand designs.