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Public Outreach & Engagement

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We work with organizations to identify key audiences and craft outreach strategies to ensure no stakeholders are left out of the loop.

When it comes to building and maintaining relationships with the public, transparency is critical. No stakeholder — internal or external — wants to hear about a major initiative or update secondhand.

Public Outreach

Hirons identifies the most important audiences for your campaign and devises strategies for communicating with and engaging each group. We tailor each message to suit the interests of each specialized group – from government leaders to community members to local media – to bring everyone on board.

Our public outreach and engagement experience is extensive, from organizing and leading public meetings to planning events, conducting social media outreach, and managing community relations.

Influencer Outreach

Influencers can cultivate invaluable audience engagement. Finding an influencer your target audiences are well-acquainted with can allow you to establish credibility and generate engagement quickly.

Hirons has cultivated countless relationships with influential leaders across industries. We continue to network with bloggers, public figures, local leaders and other personalities who have developed loyal followings across platforms. From start to finish, we’ll help your organization navigate the process of working with influencers.

Internal Communications

Companies spend a significant amount of time communicating with people outside of the organization — customers, supporters, investors, the media. But how are you sharing information with the people who work alongside you?

Hirons can create and implement successful internal communications strategies for organizations of any size, structure or purpose. We’ll help you maintain transparency with internal employees and external stakeholders alike, ensuring they can trust you even in uncertain times. We work with you to engage employees on all levels with content distributed on a carefully designed schedule so no members of your team are left in the dark. Plus, we stay up-to-date on technologies to create an improved space for employee idea-sharing.