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Whether it’s through network television or a connected TV, we can build a media mix that incorporates TV and streaming video to ensure your ads are reaching the right viewers.

In recent years, we’ve seen a major transition as millions of consumers opted to become cord-cutters, forgoing traditional cable and television subscriptions in favor of streaming services. As the streaming revolution continues to grow, advertisers have more options than ever to reach consumers while they watch their favorite news and entertainment. While streaming video allows advertisers to target viewers precisely, traditional TV is very cost efficient, allowing advertisers to reach a broad audience.

Hirons is committed to continuously expanding our capabilities as the industry moves forward. We have the expertise and tools available to manage media placements across devices and ensure our advertisers are reaching consumers — whether it’s on YouTube, connected TV, local television, or some combination of these channels.

For all TV and streaming video advertising campaigns, we dive deep into our audience’s media consumption habits, identifying an experience tailored to their specific needs.