Cutting through the clutter to reach relevant audiences


With an in-house media department, we build media plans around a dynamic combination of digital and traditional placements, ensuring our campaigns maximize efficiency and generate results.

Your messaging doesn’t matter if you can’t get it in front of the right audiences. Our media team knows how to reach and motivate audiences, designing media strategies that amplify your messaging and maximize performance. With experts in both traditional and digital media, we build strategies suited to reach audiences on the right channels, including digital, outdoor, print, audio, video and sponsorships.

Paid Digital Media

Digital media presents endless opportunities for organizations of all sizes. Hirons will identify the digital channels most likely to drive results, including paid search, paid social, display and native. Whether you’re aiming to generate brand awareness, lead generation, conversions or otherwise, digital media minimizes waste and makes it possible to reach audiences with granular precision.



For brands that want to reach consumers while they’re on the go, out-of-home and outdoor ads can dramatically increase brand visibility. The ubiquitous nature of outdoor ads — along with their sheer size — means organizations can reach audiences in the right markets. Our media buying team has the expertise to pinpoint the locations your consumers are most likely to see, including billboards, digital signage, transit and commercial venue placements.



One of the most enduring ad formats, print advertising delivers an experience that can leave a lasting impression with your audience. Whether you’re looking to connect with audiences through print publications or through direct-mail marketing campaigns, our media team can deliver.


Radio/Streaming Audio

Although radio still stands as one of the most-consumed forms of media, streaming audio platforms have exploded in popularity in recent years, presenting new avenues for brands to build credibility and awareness with relevant audiences.



Sponsorship marketing allows brands to unlock opportunities with specific audiences and build credibility. By partnering with relevant organizations, sponsorships can help shape positive attitudes and improve how brands are perceived by potential consumers.


TV/Streaming Video

Traditional TV remains one of the most efficient means for advertisers to deliver impressions to wide audiences. And with subscribers to streaming video platforms increasing by the day, streaming video has opened up doors for advertisers to reach more targeted demographics.