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Build your brand and set yourself apart from competitors through sponsorship marketing.

By positioning your brand alongside other relevant organizations, sponsorship marketing offers opportunities for brands to build credibility with specific audiences and generate brand awareness.

From arranging small-scale events sponsorships to negotiating naming rights, Hirons views sponsorships as an invaluable tool for spreading awareness and building relationships. We carefully weigh the potential benefits of individual sponsorship opportunities, ensuring we select organizations and events that are likely to boost brand authenticity and reach relevant audiences. Whether it’s an industry-specific event or a community event open to the public, we choose events that are aligned with your company’s values and goals.

We build strategies beyond what event organizers are doing. We can also leverage sponsorships by promoting the partnerships across other marketing channels. For example, incorporating details about sponsorships in paid and organic social media marketing strategy could allow your brand to amplify your messaging and reach a wider audience.