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Intern Spotlight: Spring 2023

Read our Q&A with Hirons’ latest round of interns to hear about their previous experiences, and why they chose Hirons.


How did you break into the industry?

During my last semester at IU, I took a class with Hirons Account Director and IU Bloomington Professor Kurt Ashburn. I asked him for career advice for after graduation and told him I was interested in project management, external and internal communications. He suggested that Hirons is looking for an internship as a communication management intern, and that’s how I broke into the industry and landed here.


What would you consider the most important tools of the trade?

Definitely communications. I was in consulting club when I was at IU and worked with various clients through many projects. I felt communication is one of the most important success factors of any kind in business.


Outside of the office, what are some of your hobbies or passions?

I used to work out five times a week but, after starting to work, I found that it might be hard to keep it up. Now, I’m trying to work out three times a week! It keeps my body healthy and gives me much more energy to keep me up compared to when I didn’t work out.


Did you have any unusual jobs before interning at Hirons?

I served in the Republic of Korea Army for two years as a basic instructor working with drill sergeants. I say it is unusual because as a South Korean, it is mandatory to go into the military. I have protected my country from North Korea and now I am done with the service.


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Music! I love singing and listening to music. Especially nowadays as I drive an hour on the way to the office, music keeps me awake and not bored during the drive.


What’s your favorite part of working at Hirons?

I believe who you work with is more important than where you work. I felt very welcomed, included, and respected, which I really appreciate.



How did you become interested in the industry?

I became interested in the tech industry after taking an Informatics 101 class at IU Bloomington. For one of our assignments, we learned how to code a simple website and I’ve been intrigued ever since! The assignment influenced my decision when choosing my specialization, Multi-Device Development. My time as a social media coordinator also sparked interest in advertising and public relations.


Outside of the office, what are some of your hobbies or passions?

Outside of the office, I love spending time supporting small businesses. I often do this by attending local handmade and secondhand thrift events. I also love to attend farmers’ markets in my local area. Downtown Indy always has an event of this nature going on!


What’s one important tip you would share with anyone looking to go into the agency world?

For web development specifically, a tip I’d share is to prepare to constantly learn. The tech world is constantly changing and advancing, therefore it’s important to stay up to date by prioritizing professional development and personal learning.


What’s your favorite time of day?

My favorite time of day is easily mornings. During this time of day, I feel my most productive and energized!


What is the most meaningful part of your job?

The most meaningful part of my job is seeing the final product after putting in a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s very intriguing to see how long of a process it can be to develop a website.


What’s your most memorable vacation?

One of my most memorable vacations was a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee a few years ago with friends. My favorite experience from the trip was ziplining through the mountains. The scenery was breathtaking and unforgettable.


What’s your favorite part of working at Hirons?

My favorite part about working at Hirons is the people! It’s clear that everyone enjoys their jobs and have a passion for it. When everyone on my team has such a positive attitude, it’s easy to do my best.



How did you become interested in the industry?

My high school digital design teacher opened my eyes to the world of design. I was always bad and slow with computers, and I was dreading having to take his class. However, I ended up loving graphic design so much that I applied to design schools instead of going the route of traditional illustration! After that, landing the job at the Ball State Digital Corps as a designer lead to my want to intern and eventually work at a full-service agency!


What would you consider the most important tools of the trade?

Be open to critique! A lot of people are going to have their opinions, so being open to learning and trying out new things is the best way to grow. Take critiques as a way to better yourself and your work and don’t take it too personally! You are more than your work.


Outside of the office, what are some of your hobbies or passions?

I love drawing, painting and baking. My lazier hobbies include watching reality dating shows, baking competitions and sci-fi/fantasy movies and shows.


When and where do you have your best ideas?

Almost always as I am falling asleep. I either try and commit it to memory or I will wake myself up to write it down. I also find myself having really good ideas when I am zoning out during a class, but don’t tell my professors.


What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of, personally or professionally?

I am very proud of myself for applying to (and receiving) a promotion at the Ball State Digital Corps! There are so many talented people that work at the Corps and they only promote two or three people a semester. You also have to give a 10-minute presentation to the entire staff to be considered. I’m terrible at public speaking but I made a presentation of my work and practiced in the mirror a hundred times—I totally blacked out during the actual presentation but I guess I did well!


Do you have a favorite movie or book?

I have a long list of favorite books and movies, but I’ve always been a huge Harry Potter fan. My mom read me the books every night until I was old enough to read them myself! Harry Potter World at Universal is the number one spot on my bucket list at the moment!

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