Hirons se enorgullece de ser una empresa empresarial para mujeres recientemente certificada por WBENC. Aprende más. 

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Employee Owned
& Invested

The ESOP Impact

As employee-owners, our success is rooted in your success. We have a unique investment not only in our clients’ prosperity, but in our own. We focus on promoting a positive and collaborative work environment where ideas can thrive. Hirons’ status as an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) demonstrates our appreciation toward our employees and the personal and professional impact we aim to make in their lives. We recognize and celebrate our employee-owners’ contributions to our agency and are fully aware our accomplishments are only made possible with our employee-owners’ dedication. Together, we continue to forge a path where empowerment, ownership, and shared success drive our team to reach greater heights and create a legacy that our founder can be proud of.

Hirons’ History of Employee Appreciation

In 1978, Tom Hirons founded his namesake agency, Hirons, immediately following his graduation from Indiana University. Since its inception, Hirons has built a reputation of excellence as a leading advertising, public relations, and digital agency. Starting in Bloomington and later relocating our headquarters to Indianapolis, the agency has grown due to the impressive capabilities and strength of our team. Our employee-owners have always been at the forefront of our succession plan for the leadership of the company.

The Start of Something Big

In 2010, Tom Hirons sold off his ownership shares to be distributed to all long-term team members through an ESOP. Tom sold the remaining portion of his ownership shares to the ESOP trust in 2013, making Hirons 100% employee-owned and free of debt on the ownership trust. Ten years later, Hirons employee-owners benefit from the agency’s success that they work hard to achieve.

Empowering Our Team Through ESOP

An ESOP is an employee benefit plan designed for employees to have a stake in their company’s ownership. ESOPs not only provide an incentive for employees but rewards them for their hard work and dedication in pursuit of a company’s achievement. At Hirons, after qualifying for participation in the ESOP and six years of participation, employee-owners hold 100% of their share value, which is re-evaluated annually by a third-party administrator.