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Delivering crucial messages
for the public sector.

We grasp the nuances of government communication at the local, state and federal level. We know public programs and agencies are often overwhelmed. When faculty are understaffed, underfunded and under the gun to get critical messages to diverse audiences, sometimes conventional methods are insufficient. With the wide variety of cultural, economic and political backgrounds that make up nearly any citizenry, it can be difficult to encourage audiences to consume life changing information or follow lifesaving guidance.

At Hirons, we have proven expertise in directing target audiences towards a response that yields an improved quality of life. It’s why Hirons makes up more than half of the marketing, advertising and media buying work done for Indiana state government alone.

Fostering trust between government agencies and their constituents

Our time-tested capability starts at the local level. We’ve worked with politicians, cities, local health departments and other authorities, often delivering highly delicate messages.

We are also proud to have represented myriad state agencies over the years. The Indiana Department of Health, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration represent just some of our broad state experience in advertising, public relations and digital services.

QPA pre-approved status

As one of Indiana’s top firms for government agencies, Hirons was selected to be included in the Quantity Purchase Agreement (QPA). As a preferred provider, the QPA pre-approved Hirons to deliver communication services to state agencies and programs.

Throughout our statewide work, we have always been committed to supplier diversity. Our partners include minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned partners. With our pre-screened status, state agencies have relied on us for years to put out quality work for any size budget.

Careful planning that drives results

At Hirons, we cut the nonsense out of campaign planning. With our key messaging approach, we develop specific communications goals with supporting points to emphasize in our implementation.

Our team will get the most imperative information in front of the public’s eyes and ears. Whether that means press conferences for local authorities, YouTube commercials that carry health advisories, or clever billboards that resonate with your constituents, our marketing and communications services can get the job done.

The trusted partner for government communication from local to federal.


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