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An experienced team with
tried-and-true results.

Our team of experienced marketers know the ins and outs of the industry and the best way to propel your nonprofit organization. We understand the end goal for nonprofit campaigns often doesn’t mirror the objectives for traditional marketing practices. Your organization is not trying to sell a product; you’re trying to invoke change through your mission.

Through nonprofit marketing, we know the main goal is often to raise awareness, so this requires a different approach and more specialized techniques. Hirons has the relationships and connections to fulfill your organization’s wishes and produce a successful campaign.

Raising awareness and boosting your mission

Whether your organization is trying to raise awareness or funds, or attract volunteers, we can develop specialized campaigns to do so. There is a different approach necessary for each target, so it is essential to understand their motivators. Once your company identifies who they want to reach, Hirons pulls in our industry knowledge and best practices for the most engagement.

With Hirons’ access to data on personas and stakeholders, we are able to conceptualize campaigns that reflect the mission and cause behind your organization. These campaigns will then deliver the message, attract and retain volunteers, and encourage donations. As each nonprofit is different, so are our campaign approaches.

Establishing goals for continued success

At Hirons, we work to establish campaign goals and create and publish successful work. We help nonprofit organizations through a range of deliverables from event support to media. Hirons provides event management support for fundraising events and brainstorms ways to increase donor engagement.

Hirons also works to find ways to raise awareness through owned and paid media campaigns on your organization’s social media accounts. With the ability to target specific audiences, we develop content to have the broadest reach. Through the implementation of social media calendars and integration between paid and organic posts, we can drive donor and volunteer interest through your established platform.

Hirons has connections with media outlets to pitch press releases and media advisories to share the word about your organization. Our campaigns repeatedly exceed engagement and reach expectations, and with these proven results, we ensure a successful campaign for your organization.

We elevate awareness and drive impact with proven strategies.


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