In 2013, Good Samaritan Hospital was seeking an experienced partner to assist with an array of branding and marketing initiatives to develop a clear, concise and consistent brand that would resonate with a variety of publics.


Hirons developed a strategic approach that included research, in-depth executive interviews and a series of focus groups to understand where the brand had been and the impact it had on its patients, employees and surrounding communities.

Hirons developed a more streamlined visual identity that consolidated the hospital’s wordmark and logo into one unified master brand logo. This allows the organization to tell its story in a more concise and consistent format across platforms. The new visual identity also included an extensive graphic standards manual identifying logo usage, fonts, colors, graphics and basic collateral templates.

Once the visual identity was complete, Hirons developed a communications and marketing strategy that addressed core service lines, as identified by the hospital’s strategic plan, over a three-year time frame. Services lines were identified by strength of service line medical staff, service offerings and market-readiness. Per service line, the plan was broken down into on-premise and external strategies per quarter. This strategy allows the organization to ensure proper awareness and knowledge of each campaign is established with all touch points first-hand before external messaging is deployed in the market. In a small market, this strategy allows everyone in the community, from local citizens to specialized surgeons, to feel vested and knowledgeable about the hospital’s initiatives, which hopefully translates into long-term hospital advocacy. The rotating service line campaign strategy also allows us as a team to modify tactics and strategies as we move through the cycle to optimize research and learnings for future campaigns.

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