With more than 3,500 employees and an immeasurable impact on our nation’s military, NSWC Crane recognized the importance of quality communications with internal and external audiences.

Its wealth of technical expertise and best-in-class facilities make the warfare center indispensable to the Department of Defense, United States Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), government officials and other national, regional and local organizations. To broadcast its position as a valued organization among its target audiences, NSWC Crane requested communications support to highlight its expertise and help strengthen relationships with customers and advocates.


In October 2007, Hirons & Company began supporting NSWC Crane’s communications efforts with key messages. This work grew to include collateral materials, a magazine and other communications tools through a three-phased communications plan. Phase One included research and coalition building to develop branding of core content and key messages for NSWC Crane and its focus areas.

Phase Two involved creating a communications plan that included goals, objectives, strategies, tactics and metrics.

This plan later served as a roadmap for NSWC Crane Corporate Communications Office (CCO) moving forward with new staff and as the basis for its fiscal 2010 Plan of Action & Milestones.

In Phase Three, Hirons & Company began implementing the initiatives outlined in the communications plan. Deliverables included employee communications training; writing and editing news articles; developing collateral materials, such as tri-fold brochures and fact sheets; a graphic style guide; focus area magazines and overview videos; media kits for VIP visitors, media, customers and expositions; media pitch lists for NSWC Crane, focus areas and employee success stories; and a media plan for story releases.

Hirons developed clear, concise key messages for NSWC Crane and its focus areas, mapping to the Command Value Statement and brand, “Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter.” This provided a high rate of acceptance within the focus areas’ management, as facilitated by communications team meetings.

With on-site staff, NSWC Crane’s earned media capabilities exceeded expectations. Extensive media outreach included a variety of articles and press releases that appeared in major industry outlets such as, and NAVSEA Newswire. This extensive media outreach includes a variety of articles and press releases that appear in major industry outlets such as, and NAVSEA Newswire. As of August 2010, Hirons researched, wrote and edited more than 120 articles for NSWC Crane. One article about NSWC Crane’s work on the Hubble space telescope received more than 4,700,000 hits, earned media results that were valued at around $75,000.

Multimedia projects are telling the story of the 50th anniversary of one of NSWC Crane’s business groups, celebrating a half century of success in Strategic Missions. A video about Strategic Missions’ history and current innovations received widespread positive feedback from managers and employees within this group. A second video produced in summer 2010 highlights NSWC Crane’s Special Missions Center. The Center develops and sustains military technology for mobility and maneuverability, weapons and munitions, sensors and communications as well as training.

Hirons also developed materials to include in an outreach kit that would inform the media about NSWC Crane. This kit includes collateral materials, media contact information, focus area collateral materials and relevant news releases. This kit is distributed to targeted media entities reaching key audiences.

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