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To My One True Love, Microsoft Excel:

We first met in high school,

But it wasn’t love then.

I would not have gone public

With my secret nerd friend.


In college, our love grew

And became so much stronger.

My spreadsheets got bigger,

My formulas grew longer.


But once I started working,

We could no longer hide.

I needed you by my side,

To multiply and divide.


I learned how to autosum,

We built beautiful charts.

Conditional formatting, filtering…

Oh be still my heart!


You gave me text-to-columns

And concatenate.

So many tools I can use

To understand and evaluate.


I adore your calculations.

Your functions are divine.

I can’t help but stare

At your sexy trendlines!


Our love has matured,

There is nothing more stable.

You had me for life,

Once I learned Pivot Tables.


Oh, Excel, there’s no telling

Just how far we can go.

I have so much to learn,

But I already know.


That I’m so thankful daily

For all that you do.

The best formula for success

is always me + you.

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