Core Competencies

Hirons is a full-service advertising and public relations firm, centrally-located in the Midwestern United States and classified as a small business. We provide strategy-based communications solutions for state and federal public-sector clients.

  • AdvertisingAdvertising
  • Public Outreach & EducationPublic Outreach & Education
  • Marketing Research, Strategy and ImplementationMarketing Research, Strategy and Implementation
  • Branding & Design ServicesBranding & Design Services
  • DigitalDigital

Hirons has expertise in a variety of advertising services and customizes each strategy and tactic to reach specific target audiences. We have developed and implemented advertising campaigns for government initiatives at the city, state and federal levels with demographics ranging from small towns to nationwide. With each advertising contract, we include measurable goals and the methods that will be used to evaluate success.

Hirons eliminates any guesswork for our clients’ advertising spending, developing a media plan after examining the channels most likely to reach our target audiences. Our team of experienced media buyers and planners are connected with media vendors throughout the U.S. and are experts at negotiating terms for ad placements.

Our advertising and media planning expertise includes:
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Mobile
  • Online
  • Social Media

Hirons develops and implements public outreach, community relations, internal communications and media relations strategies for our clients. Our team is highly skilled in capturing positive earned media coverage and engaging key stakeholders, which is invaluable in terms of building awareness, credibility and support. Whether it be short-term media relations support or a full-scale public education campaign, our team is dedicated to achieving each client’s communications goals.

Our public outreach expertise includes:
  • Spokesperson training
  • Speech writing
  • Issue advocacy and cause marketing
  • News release preparation and pitching
  • Grassroots and grasstops outreach
  • Neighborhood and community outreach programs
  • Public opinion influencing
  • Voter outreach
  • Localizing national platforms and programs
  • Event planning and execution

Hirons has experience conducting qualitative and audience segmentation research, developing awareness materials and distribution strategies, and providing marketing support for public-sector clients.

Our communications and marketing expertise includes:
  • Internal, employee and stakeholder communications
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Multi-platform advertising capabilities
  • Target audience surveys and research
  • Influencer and stakeholder identification
  • Market research

Hirons concepts, designs and produces brands from the ground up for pilot programs and initiatives. Or, if a client is starting a project with previous branding in place, we will follow an initial research phase with a full audit of existing deliverables before developing dynamic, innovative deliverables.

Our design team understands that each audience is motivated for different reasons. All creative and branding elements we produce are designed to appeal to those specific motivations, sparking interest in and support of government agencies and initiatives.

Our creative expertise includes:
  • Key message development
  • Brand development and strategy
  • Creation of graphics and visuals
  • Copywriting and content quality control
  • Printing and production
  • Design and message testing
  • Photography and videography

As a Google Premier Partner agency, Hirons’ team of digital specialists produce outstanding results for clients across a wide range of platforms. We develop cohesive, all-encompassing plans that are designed to take brands to the next level.

Our digital services include:
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search
  • Display advertising
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Social media management
  • Streaming services advertising
  • Native advertising
Our Past Performances



Rural Reach

Our proprietary Rural Reach program helps companies, organizations and government agencies communicate to rural populations through a matrix of customized strategies and tactics.


Quality Control

Everything Hirons produces goes through a final edit in which accuracy, word choice, grammar and client-specific language are checked. We then check all content to ensure necessary edits and adjustments are made.

Company Data

Hirons was founded by our current Chairman Tom Hirons in 1978, first opening its doors in Bloomington, Ind.. Hirons has been an S Corporation since 1982. All employees moved to Indianapolis in 2012, where our design, digital media, traditional media, public affairs, account management, accounting and business development teams still work under one roof today.

We are proud to operate on an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Running our business as such gives every one of our 50 full-time employees a direct interest in the success of the company.

NAICS Codes: 323111, 541820, 541810, 541850, 541910, 541430

Past Performance

  • Voter Education – Indiana Secretary of State

    In today’s social and political climate, cybersecurity is top of mind. The Indiana Secretary of State sought to inform the general public and key stakeholders of the state’s election security measures and raise awareness and understanding of SOS’s efforts to preserve the security of the vote in Indiana.

    Hirons sought to educate the overall voting public as well as segmented key audiences who might respond more readily to targeted messages on voting registration and election information. The campaign required a multi-tiered communications approach with audience-specific objectives, strategies and tactics. The overarching theme, “Different Worlds, Same Voting Power” was the basis of all advertising and public outreach efforts and reinforced to Hoosiers that every vote counts in an election, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

    Traffic to resulted in 61,000 registration completions and a nearly 4.5% registration conversion rate. Voter turnout in Indiana’s November 6, 2018 general midterm election hit its highest percentage in 24 years, with more than half of registered voters casting a vote. 2.3 million of Indiana’s 4.5 million registered voters showed up to vote on election day.

  • Scott County HIV Crisis – Indiana State Department of Health

    A surge of Hepatitis C and HIV cases in rural Austin, Indiana, pointed to considerable intravenous drug use among the generally low-income population in 2015. Needle sharing was suspected in an area where everyone knew everyone and money was tight. The outbreak was declared a public health emergency and a needle exchange program was authorized.

    The Indiana State Department of Health contacted Hirons for communications support when confirmed HIV cases topped 80 in Scott County, where such diagnoses had previously been rare. State health officials descended on the area to help, alongside disease intervention specialists from the Centers for Disease Control. Hirons was tasked with spreading the word throughout Scott County and nearby Washington, Perry, Jackson and Clark counties.

    Radio and TV spots were developed and produced targeting the poor, rural population. The target audience was men and women ages 20-35 with relatively low education levels. Messaging focused on the availability of free medical services and needle exchanges, with information on where to find those services. Campaign language was easy to comprehend with clear calls to action: Visit or call 866.588.4948 to learn more.

    New cases fell considerably within three months, trailing off even more by end of the year.

  • Indiana Infant Mortality Rate – Indiana State Department of Health

    In 2013, the overall Indiana infant mortality rate was 7.6 per 1000 live births, compared to the overall national average of 7 per 1000 live births. The Indiana State Department of Health sought a contractor to develop a sustained statewide public relations and marketing campaign to help reduce Indiana’s infant mortality.

    Hirons created a comprehensive “Labor of Love” public awareness campaign to increase awareness of the causes of infant mortality and tools to help women of childbearing age understand pre- and post- natal care. Our design and media departments developed the messaging and strategy to place key messages with statewide media outlets to ensure the best coverage and the greatest exposure of those messages. The campaign utilized traditional print, radio, television and transit media as well as online ads.

    Post-campaign survey results showed greater awareness of healthy behaviors for pregnant women and newborn care. Significantly more respondents were aware of the infant mortality problem in Indiana than prior to the campaign, and a significant number of respondents stated that the advertising had caused them to think about infant mortality in Indiana differently.

“They know how to turn heads and drive traffic.”
Dennis Woerner
Director of MarketingIndianapolis zoo
“Masters of integrated branding and community outreach.”
Lisa Harris
M.D. CEOEskenazi Health
“Highly effective TV and media buying - experts at lead generation.”
Tamela Grabb
Marketing ManagerGoodcents
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