Choosing the right channels for your digital advertising campaign

Paid Digital Media

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Our digital marketing experts deliver results by placing ads on the channels that matter most to your target market.

Regardless of size, businesses and organizations can now reach consumers across markets at any time with the right mix of digital advertising. Choosing the right channels, targeting and placements is critical to a successful campaign.

Hirons will help you leverage the right digital channels, including display, paid search, paid social and native platforms. We monitor campaigns constantly to ensure we’re doing everything we can to meet your objectives — whether it’s generating brand awareness, leads, conversions or audience engagement.

Display Advertising

Through display advertising, Hirons can deliver your ads on the websites your target audiences are visiting every day. We’ll identify your audience’s online habits to create a media plan and ensure we’re reaching the right people at the right time. With compelling visuals and messaging, we can create captivating, clickable ads and boost brand awareness.

Paid Search

When users are actively searching for products or services you offer, you naturally want to make sure your business’ search results appear first. Paid search advertising allows businesses and organizations to do just that, delivering ads on the most popular search engines, including Google and Bing. Hirons can create search engine marketing campaigns to get your brand at the top of search results — and top of mind — when users are seeking your services.

Paid Social

With billions of users across the world, social media platforms hold a lot of promise for advertisers. Although many platforms have made it more difficult for brands to reach their followers organically, several social media channels offer robust advertising platforms. Hirons can help you navigate this process, identifying target audiences and creating a paid media plan tailored to suit your goals.

Native Advertising

Users see ads almost everywhere they turn. Native advertising, which integrates branded content across hundreds of thousands of websites, can be the perfect antidote to ad fatigue. Hirons can create captivating, brand-inspired native advertising content for placement on news sites, blogs and other major online hubs. Our long-form features stand alone as informative, entertaining pieces and highlight your brand’s best qualities for an audience sick of conventional sales messages. Consider a fresh take on building online buzz for your brand.