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Graphic Design Trends Dominating 2019

As an art director and graphic designer, I’m always excited to see design trends emerging in the new year.

Like many graphic designers, I recognize we all have our own styles and preferences. Art is subjective, after all, and that is part of the fun.

Now that we are five months into 2019, some trend predictions have become reality. A few prominent companies are using these design trends in their marketing campaigns:

  • Pops of vivid color
  • Strong uses of typography
  • Resurrection of the gradient
  • Hand-drawn illustrations

Let’s look at some examples.

As brands try to grab your attention­ and stand out against the competition, vivid color palettes are becoming more popular. These colors include lighter hues that are more intense, colorful and bright.

After one of the largest trendsetting companies, Apple, added vivid colors to its designs in its last Keynote, you can expect these colors to continue their takeover.
Source: www.apple.com

Bold fonts are not taking a backseat this year. In fact, brands like Adidas are letting bold fonts take the wheel. Bold fonts are easy to read on mobile devices, which helps brands, and helps consumers.

Source: www.twitter.com/adidas

You may have noticed companies adding light and dark modes to their apps as well as embracing light and dark color schemes across different devices and avenues. I believe this is only the beginning of this trend. Check back with me in 2020, and I might be able to say I told you so.

Source: www.apple.com

Gradients are one of my favorite things to add to any design project to give it a little more depth. Plus, like some of the other rising graphic design trends, they look amazing on mobile ads.

Source: www.apple.com

Custom and hand-drawn illustrations are a great way to make your designs pop and others gasp with envy. They bring a creative and original aspect to your designs. It might be worth your while to enroll in a drawing class though, unfortunately, it didn’t do much for me.

Source: www.slack.com

Let’s face it, design trends change with the times and definitely with technology. It is important to keep up or risk losing out on a trend that could really make your design or product stand out.

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