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Eskenazi Health Foundation reached out to Hirons for the development of an advertising campaign to communicate and promote the health system’s primary care, orthopedic, senior care, and labor and delivery service lines. Hirons supported Eskenazi Health through the development of a campaign strategy and implementation of various advertising tactics.


Hirons produced various advertising materials and garnered paid media exposure by placing outdoor billboards, print ads, digital ads, terrestrial radio and streaming audio ads, and broadcast TV and streaming video ads.


Hirons and Eskenazi Health earned a Pinnacle award through the PRSA Hoosier chapter.

At Eskenazi Health,
our expertise is unrivaled
and our compassion
is genuine.

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Raising Statewide Awareness of Eskenazi Health’s Services

Hirons’ outdoor boards made the most of the medium’s limited real estate, quickly and clearly communicating the campaign’s messaging with humanizing text and imagery. Print ads were also placed in a number of publications to promote the health system’s primary care, orthopaedic, senior care and labor and delivery service lines.

Hirons produced broadcast-quality videos for use across platforms, showcasing footage of Eskenazi Health patients. Digital advertisements reached target audience members on their personal devices, driving click-through rates with direct, specific calls to action. Recordings of interviews with real patients were also used to convey Eskenazi Health’s commitment to high-quality, compassionate care through powerful testimonials.

Eskenazi Billboard Mockup
Eskenazi Magazine Print Mockups
Eskenazi Printed Advertising Mockups

30 second spot


I’ve had hypertension and heart disease for several years. It is very important to me that I stay around for my daughter and for my family. Eskenazi is helping me so that I can stay around for her and the people that I love. They just do an amazing job, from the doctors to the staff to the nurses. It’s remarkable.

At Eskenazi Health, our expertise is unrivaled and our compassion is genuine.

I am more than my hypertension. I am Amy.

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