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Direct Connect Logistix White Horizontal Logo

Direct Connect Logistix Branding Campaign

Digital & Web | Creative & Brand Development


Direct Connect Logistix (DCL) is a third-party logistics company based in Indianapolis that provides on-demand transportation and transport management services. In 2022, DCL acquired Hoosier Logistics and Performance Logistics, necessitating a brand refresh that brought out the best parts of all three company cultures into newfound harmony.


Hirons collaborated closely with the DCL team to craft updated brand guidelines and creative materials for both external and internal marketing communications initiatives. Amidst the brand refresh and acquisitions, DCL undertook the significant task of relocating its headquarters to downtown Indianapolis. The Hirons team played a pivotal role in providing public and community relations support for this relocation and dynamic environmental design for the new DCL office space.

The objective was to seamlessly integrate the new branding with the company’s culture through the creation of an immersive, vibrant office space. Hirons also took charge of developing and designing a new website that would mirror the updated brand identity. The focus was on crafting a mobile-friendly, engaging website, strategically centered around highlighting DCL’s brand promises and its distinct presence in the competitive transportation industry.


DCL partnered with Hirons to breathe new life into their logo and brand design. While keeping the well-known roots of the logo, Hirons offered a refreshed, modern logo option that showcased the logo mark as an intersection of their brand name and updated, custom font.

Thoughtfully crafted brand guidelines highlight the new brand identity in compelling visual narrative. Brand guidelines focused on color placement and custom graphic elements that can easily morph into tangible brand touch points.

Bringing the brand to life

With a new office space as a blank canvas for our creative team, Hirons got to work developing indoor and outdoor signage, custom wall graphics, interactive brainstorming spaces, and even company merchandise. We seamlessly transitioned a brand from paper, to tangible surfaces, breathing life into their office space and culture.

DCL Interior Signage Mockups

Custom Artwork

DCL Custom Art Mockup

Business Assets

Following the brand refresh in collaboration with Hirons, DCL decided to reengage Hirons to evolve it’s business collateral. Hirons integrated the refreshed brand across various touchpoints, including business cards, brochures, social media assets, and captivating photography that showcase the new DCL identity.

DCL Stationary Mockups

Web Design and Development

DCL expressed the need for a new website that both reflected the updated brand, but also elevated DCL’s online presence. Knowing their website serves as the first point of interaction for potential clients and partners, we focused on a modern, elevated design that put user interaction at the forefront. With thoughtful prioritization of content and visual elements, their website became a powerful tool to communicate the unique values of DCL, setting it apart from competitors.

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