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Choosing the right video format for your message

Finding the right video format for your brand’s campaign is an essential step to effectively conveying key messages to your audience.

While fewer people are relying on TV broadcast as a source of news, digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter prioritize video content as a preferred form of communication to consumers. Below, we examine a few major types of video formats and offer insights to help you decide which one is best suited to your campaign.

MOTION GRAPHICS: Motion graphics, commonly recognized by a sequence of object and text movements on screen, help visual learners understand step-by-step processes, quantitative data or messages with multiple layers. By providing an additional way to fully comprehend the message, motion graphics foster a perfect learning environment on screen. Motion graphics also can be produced quickly and at lower cost than other video formats.

ANIMATION: Like motion graphics, animated videos require no actors or filming and rely on cartoon-like subjects to present the topic, making them engaging for visual learners and easy to update if messaging changes. Designed completely on the computer, this option allows for stronger diversity representation and allows companies more creative avenues in the design process. Animation costs vary depending on the complexity involved.

INTERVIEW: Interviews – supplemented with B-roll footage – offer businesses the opportunity to showcase their facilities and workforce. Testimonials, executive statements and event summaries can all accompany B-roll, or secondary, footage. Use an interview to build trust with stakeholders, with B-roll to  help them better grasp the message and learn more about your organization. Costs can be lower if your organization can provide the footage or if stock footage can be used.

FULL-PRODUCTION VIDEO: Full-production video content can be costly; however, the polished look leaves a significant impact on the viewer. Bringing in a videographer’s talent and visual sense, along with an editor’s expertise, provides a company with numerous content options. Additionally, this content looks excellent alongside other video footage, and its versatility allows for posting on various platforms. Consider a full-production video when you want to reach a large audience and have a longer time frame.

You still might wonder which format is right for you. Consider your time frame, content and how much your organization is willing to invest. And if you’re still uncertain, our team of professionals is here to help.

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