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Chief Operating Office Deana Haworth on Reaching Rural Audiences

Chief Operating Officer Deana Haworth discusses her inspiration for Hirons’ proprietary Rural Reach program as part of Hirons’ Executive Leadership Podcast Series.

The series, which gives listeners unparalleled access into the minds of some of Hirons’ most experienced leaders, focuses on developing a clear and diverse snapshot of the communications industry and the ways in which Hirons services clients in a variety of fields.

Deana was born and raised in rural southern Indiana. She’s an expert at effective communication and outreach to rural communities, which she saw was lacking in many communications initiatives to people living in places like her hometown. She worked with members of the Hirons team to develop Rural Reach, a research-based communications strategy for effectively engaging rural populations across the United States.

Listeners can stream the episode here on the Hirons website, or download and listen via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or TuneIn.

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