Digital Natives

By Tom Hirons, President & CEO

Growing up in a digital world has its advantages. Digital fluency with existing technology. An intuitive sense and adaptability to emerging technologies. Thumb speed.

But, do you have to be 20-something to get it? No. Take, for example, Michael Hanley, a professor at Ball State and one of the world’s leaders in mobile marketing.

As professional communicators, we owe it to ourselves and our clients to not just stay current in technology but to also be leaders in technology.

Invaluable Lessons from a Hirons Intern

By McKenzie Clift, Communications Management Assistant (Summer 2013)

A truly valuable internship experience can build up so much more than a resume — it can entirely re-shape and re-define your character and the way you see the world. My internship with Hirons this summer did exactly that. Amid the chaos and creative ingenuity that marks Hirons, I found solace in the company of some incredibly talented co-workers in an exciting line of work. Along the way, I picked up a few lessons for the aspiring intern-to-be.

Hirons Brings Home 11 Trophies from PRSA Pinnacle Awards

Our office has a lot more bling this week, as Wednesday was the 2013 Pinnacle Awards Ceremony for the Hoosier Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

We got the chance to mingle with other communications professionals at one of the city’s newest hotels, The Alexander, and view displays of some of the state’s best public relations work of 2012 before dinner and the awards presentation.

Hirons took home five Awards of Honor — given to programs and projects that rose above the standard in overall execution — and six Pinnacle Awards — given to programs and projects that demonstrated excellence in overall execution.