Smartphones, Smart Advertising

By Tom Aschauer, Executive Creative Director

Smartphones. Great for many things, just maybe not advertising.

We call them smartphones, but they’re really smart devices, because they do a heck of a lot more than just make phone calls. We text with them. We check email with them. We play games with them. We surf the Web with them. We use them for all sorts of stuff. In 2012, Nielsen told us that on average, we had 41 apps on our smartphone, and that was 28 percent increase from the year before.

With all the time we spend with our smartphones, it’s only natural that mobile marketers will tell you that you need to spend more money on mobile — that it’s the key to your customer’s soul. And it maybe it is, but you need to spend your money wisely. And while advertising may be the most obvious solution, it’s probably not the smartest.