Thomas Jefferson made an observation about the public: “They cannot approve what they do not understand.” Those words of caution in 1792 are what inspired Hirons to form a Public Affairs division 220 years later.

We seek to illuminate public discourse by communicating our clients’ positions in a variety of public forums. Whether it be referenda, grassroots or grasstops, talk radio or social media, Hirons creates and successfully implements public education campaigns that inform, inspire and motivate Hoosiers to act in their own best interests.

We know Indiana. From Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, our relationships in the worlds of business, media and politics are extensive and deep. We are bipartisan AND bilingual.

Every client who retains us gets the benefit of our expertise and relationships 24/7, not 9 to 5.

Our clients include mayors, state agency heads, university presidents, education reformers, presidential cabinet members and private citizens who just want government to work for everyone.

We don’t lobby, but we make the public case for sound policy. We advocate for common sense, and we can advocate for you.


Grassroots and grasstops outreach

Identifying key influencers

Neighborhood and community outreach programs

Public opinion influencing

INform: effective public engagement

Surveys and research

Issues advocacy and cause marketing

Voter outreach

Localizing national platforms and programs


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