With a unique position to achieve rapid growth, Tilson needed to develop a superior and best practice-based Web presence. Tilson approached Hirons to redesign and redevelop the Tilson website to achieve its goals of expanding.


In order to ensure that Tilson’s new website was superior and followed best practices, Hirons developed a plan for the site to be user-centered, thus driving value, reinforcing trust and building brand equity while offering a personalized, efficient, interactive and engaging experience for each user.

Hirons employed an iterative, tested and proven development process. This process allows for the best possible end product while effectively optimizing timelines and budget.

This approach proved to be a success. Tilson’s new website saw a 25 percent decrease in bounce rate, Pages/Session increased by 33 percent, time spent on site by users increased by 31 percent and Organic Traffic increased by 65 percent.

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